E S Z A K I:  S T E P H A N I E  R O M A N O W

The Chicago-Born, now London-based Designer, created her jewellery brand in 2017 while living in Florence, Italy. 

Her designs derive from her architectural design background, understudies from Japanese and Italian based artisans, and strong belief in functionalism. 

“ The spectrum for functionalism can be quite long.  Serving a purpose, an identification, a function via form…. is how I design.  My goal is to have my pieces passed down. That is my way of giving and recycling.”

The collections range from Semi-Fine to Fine Jewellery.  Human / Machine Made, in Italy, by Italian artisans. 

Contact:  contact@eszaki.com

Vulnerable | Fluid | Disruptive | Perfect | Imperfect
Contact us contact@eszaki.com

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