E S Z A K I:  S T E P H A N I E  R O M A N O W
Italian based Jewellery brand, specialises in designing and manufacturing fine functional (or talismanic) jewellery.
Through the use of numeric values, in the form of dates, coordinates or numbers, affirmation pieces are created. Eszaki gives the wearer the freedom to display purpose or identification discreetly, giving no obvious information to the outsider eye; Affirmation piece disguised.
Other collections include talismans in the form of objects, and hand soldered multi-functional chains.
Romanow’s designs derive from her architectural / industrial design background in Chicago, understudies from Japanese and Italian based artisans, and interest in the challenge of creating multi – functional pieces to accommodate wearers when moving around the globe.
Concept > Function > Form > Design > “Mechanic Avant Garde” = R O M A N O W


‘Engraved Number Series’
Origin I & II Collections display NUMERIC VALUES in the form of geographical coordinates or dates, via engraving. The engraving entails a custom square font created by Eszaki, that is incorporated on all pieces in I & II collections.
‘Talisman Series’
Tal·is·man. talisman [tal-is-muh n, -iz-] talismano
An object whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.
Brings meaning through the use of a figure form, ‘expression pieces’ that can be paired with all the Eszaki series. Created from real life objects, taking inspiration from the human body and conceptual theories.
The tooth talisman being one of the first talismans made, was created as a stay rooted talisman for the modern day wearer, casted from a human tooth, in Italy 2015.
R O M A N O W ‘Die Leeu II Form’
Aka triangle series, consists of multi-functional pieces, specifically designed to be paired with the Die Leeu  ‘Lock’  Series.  A collection displaying talismans in the form of an era and symbolisation, for the awake wearer.  Representation of mind, body, soul > past, present, future.
Tri·an·gle: In alchemical symbolism, the triangle represents the three planes of existence which we experience in our journey of human consciousness. There is the physical plane [body] the mental plane [mind] and the astral plane [soul]
Jewellery produced to stand the test of time and last for generations. Modernised vintage design, hand soldered, machine made in Florence, Italy.
Vulnerable | Fluid | Disruptive | Perfect | Imperfect
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